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STRAGO through the different experiences carried out on bridges, dams, tunnels, viaducts and any other type of infrastructure acquired a great expertise in sensor management to control the whole measurement process that ensures the application of specific measures to offer an integrated system of services and complete solutions for the different problems that may have the client.

With the acquisition in real time and data processing as well it is possible to ensure a comprehensive structural and continuous monitoring for quality control and evaluation of the conditions for great works testing.

We manufacture non-invasive dynamic control innovative systems for determining the vibrational dynamics of the structure by optimizing the management of monitoring of different types of infrastructures.



STRAGO through fixed and mobile monitoring stations located throughout the area periodically acquires the specific parameters required for the main environmental media: air, water, soil, vibration, noise, traffic, ecosystem, weather, excavated lands and rocks, defining the terms of safety of the workplace, location or construction phases of sites required by current law.

Our qualified staff and experience in this sector allowed us to carry out studies for the environmental impact assessment, characterization of polluted sites and specific advice to assist the clients during the performing of a work in order to be able to operate in full compliance with current law.



STRAGO performs control systems and installation of equipment for the hydraulic and geotechnical monitoring, both static and dynamic applications, for various works by providing a wide range of electrical geotechnical instrumentation thanks to our specialized staff that allows us the analysis and processing of parameters for the study of the response of the structure and to control the stability of the work during the construction and operation phases.

Our experience in monitoring with the use of sensor networks for control of several dams in Italy and abroad, tunnels and landslides, allowed us to exploit our ability to offer our clients the improvements and possible alternatives for resolving various types of site problems.


STRAGO offers a great variety of services to support the design, implementation and monitoring of large infrastructures, adapting them to client’s and supervisor’s individual requirements and needs.

Research, surveys and controls aimed at structural diagnostics of road surfaces, airport runways and rail embankments provide the necessary data to determine the remaining life, the assessment of the conditions of the constitutive layers and the thickness of any reinforcement to be applied.

Characterization with fast inspection techniques for structural analysis by means of non-destructive testing, surveys, diagnostic tests, numerical modelling, dynamic testing of the architectural heritage with the study of the artifacts based on their status of conservation and specific architectural field us to offer appropriate support to proportion the necessary information in the security assessment and possible improvements to be proposed to designers for both individual buildings and large urban sectors.



Since 1991, STRAGO has been developing its Land Explosive Ordnance Clearance sector carrying out surveys involving millions of square meters in full compliance with the regulations in force and the rules laid down by the Military Authorities.

In particular, in addition to performing explosive ordnance clearance operations, carried out in line with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), STRAGO can provide all the necessary assistance with the Military Authorities concerned for carrying out the administrative procedures preliminary to the work, as well as for the planning and management of the work itself, with a view of achieving the Statement of Assurance and the Inspections of the areas investigated.

Among the preliminary activities are crucial the historical research and the assessment of risk arising from the possible discovery of unexploded ordnance and landmines buried in order to give the necessary support to the design to optimize the activities in the field, providing an overall estimate about the ordnance that could be found.

STRAGO also owns the necessary certifications to perform archaeological excavations as determined by the Archaeological Service in agreement with the Ministry of Defence.

The UXO survey team is made by specialized operators certified by the Ministry of Defence and operates with qualified staff that have operational experience among others, in theatres as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Congo, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Serbia and Colombia.